Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Swap #3- Quilt Pattern

 *Bring your favorite/one you would like to share quilt pattern printed out. 

-we will swap patterns with other members of the group

Block Raffle

Block Size: 12x12

Due: September Meeting 

Directions: Neutral background and fall colors for leaf.


*Each block you make will give you a ticket to win all the blocks! Make as many as you like

August Meeting

Meeting August 24, 2023 at 6 PM

Old Worthington Library

17 people attended.  

The meeting was opened by Leigh asking each person to say their name and asked the question what is your favorite and what is your least favorite part of the quilting process.     Many in the group thought choosing the fabric was their favorite part, piecing was second.  The least favorite part was quilt sandwich making and the actual quilting and a few said binding a quilt. 

 If you haven’t paid 2023 dues, cash only to Leigh.

Demo paper piecing Cynthia did a demo on foundation paper piecing.   She told us about a traditional method and a freezer paper method.   She showed many of her pieces as examples of foundation paper piecing.  Instructions are on the website.  

August fabric swap  was Allison Glass fabric.   One yard fabric but into fat eighths.  Several members participated. 

Quilt retreats two quilt retreats for 2024 are being organized.  The dates include 4/19 to 4/21/24 and 7/25 to 7/28/24.  Both will be held at Hotel Millersburg.  After you have confirmed attendance and paid a $25 deposit to Leigh or Leslie, you will need to make your own reservations at the Hotel Millersburg.  More information is on FB.  

Swap – Instead of a fabric swap, September meeting will be a pattern swap.  Bbring a favorite pattern to swap.   

Block raffle – An autumn leaf block will be the block swap due at September meeting.   Block sizes and pattern will be posted on the website.  Neutral background and fall colors for leaf.

Challenge – Due at November meeting Paper Pieced project.   Can be any type of project, but must be complete to qualify to win a prize.  

Show and Tell – 10 members shared their projects.   See FB for pictures.

September 28, 2023

October 26, 2023

6:00 pm begin time

Please note earlier begin time.
Old Worthington Library
820 High St
Worthington, OH 43085

Friday, July 21, 2023

July Meeting- Make & Take

What: Ironing trays

Where: Old Worthington Library

When: 6-8pm

What to bring: 

-TV Tray  Walmart Link 

-Cotton batting 25x20- 2-3 pieces 

-Top Fabric 25x20 (could be canvas/outdoor fabric, cotton or Ironing Board cover fabric)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

June Meeting Minutes

Columbus Modern Quilters  -

Meeting June 22, 2023 at 6 PM

Whetstone Library

19 people attended.  

The meeting was opened by Leigh asking each person to say their name and asked the question have you sewn a flange binding?   About 50% of the group had used this binding in the past.   Leslie is going to demonstrate the construction of a flange binding at the meeting.

2023 dues of $10 are now due.   Cash only.

Flange binding demonstration Leslie presented a demo on flange binding.   Directions are posted on website.

Pin cushion swap – 9 people participated in the pincushion swap.  Many different varieties of pincushions were available.   See FB for pictures.

Challenges – Next challenge due at August 24 meeting.  Bonnie did a presentation on turning a photo into a pattern to make a quilting project.   This can have a realistic, abstract or impressionist look to it.  She discussed the materials and strategies she uses to complete this type of project.   Her notes will be posted on the website.  

Block raffle The improv Christmas tree block was this month’s block raffle.  9 people brought about 75 blocks.   Susan was the winner of all the blocks.   We look forward to see you quilt made with these.

July meeting  all those that are interested in making a ironing board TV tray,   please bring a wooden tv tray,

Some batting and fabric to cover the tray.   Leigh will bring a staple gun and construction will take place at the meeting. 

August fabric swap  will be Allison Glass fabric.   One yard fabric but into fat eighths.  

Show and Tell – 9 members shared their projects.   See FB for pictures.

Instead of a mystery quilt this year we are going to be doing a sew along quilt. We will all be working on a string quilt. Each month you will be bring one or more blocks in to show the club at the monthly meeting. There are no rules for what method you follow just that you complete one block each month.  Some Themes are scrappy, rainbow, same color family, and selvages. Another way to help your design is to look up #stringquilts on Instagram. 

Kathy Gordon will be hosting a quilt show at Innis House at Inniswood Metro Park during October.   See Inniswood website for open hours of Innis House.   Kathy will host a meet the artist on October 15, 2023 from 2 to 4 pm.  

July 27, 2023

6:00 pm begin time

Please note earlier begin time.
Old Worthington Library
820 High St
Worthington, OH 43085

Thursday, June 22, 2023

June Demo: How to make a Flange Binding

Video references:


These instructions assume knowledge of attaching regular binding. In these directions the binding fabric refers to the color that will wrap to both the front and the back of the quilt. The flange fabric refers to the 1/8” accent that will show on the front between the binding and the quilt. These directions are for the 1.75” cut for flange fabric and 1.5” cut for binding fabric.

  1. Calculate the number of fabric strips needed the same way as for regular binding. You will need that number of strips of each color.

  2. Cut binding fabric strips at 1.5” wide.

  3. Cut flange fabric strips at 1.75” wide.

  4. Sew with right sides together the binding color strips to each other end to end, press seams open.

  5. Sew with right sides together the flange fabric strips to each other end to end, press seams open.

  6. Sew the long edge of the binding and flange fabrics together.  Offset the seams so that you don’t end up with seams for both strips in the same place.

  7. Press the seam of the joined fabrics toward the binding fabric.

  8. Fold the binding in half lengthwise and press.

  9. Sew the binding to the back edge of the quilt, with the flange fabric up and the binding fabric against the back of the quilt. Use a seam of just under 3/8”. This seam allowance will vary slightly depending on the thickness of your batting. Sew a few inches and test that your seam allowance works!

  10. Corners and the final join are done the same as for regular binding. On the final join try to match the seams so the binding fabric and flange fabric are aligned.

  11. Wrap the binding around to the front and stitch in the ditch on the seam between the binding fabric and the flange fabric. You will be sewing on the flange fabric so match your top thread color to the flange color. The goal is to sew so that your stitches on the back will be slightly inside the binding.