Meeting Info

All meetings are 6:30-8:30 please see the meeting dates & locations to the right on the blog in the "2017 Meeting Dates" section.
Below we will post agendas for each meeting as they are finalized. Each month will include links to block raffle blocks, news about swaps, or any other info needed for that month's meeting.

November 30th Meeting:
*Fabric Swap Pink/Purple-
*Ornament Swap Reveal-
*UFO Challenge Reveal-
*November Bee Block-

October 26 Meeting:
*Making Needle Minder- bring (2) 2 1/2x 2 1/2 inch square of fabric (or larger for fussy cutting)
*Heather's October Bee Block-…/october-bee-block.h…
*Block Raffle-…/raffle-block-for-oc…...
*2018 Bee Block Sign ups
*pot luck- please post below in the post what you will be bring
*One leadership team opening for 2018 (Please message Leigh if you would like to sign up)
*Swap Sign up-…/…/ornament-swap.html


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