Monday, December 29, 2014

Meeting Minutes, December 18th 2014

Joanna, Andrea, Barb, Heather, Christina, Joanna, Ann, Katie, Katy, Dana, Nicole, Rose, Elizabeth, Allison, Leigh

Name & What is your favorite part of the Christmas season?

Guild Bee:
All present with bee blocks distributed them to their rightful owner.  The 2015 Guild Bee starts next month. Everyone who signed up should have received an email from Joanna about the 2015 Guild Bee and which 1 of the 2 hives you are in.

Kona color Bingo game
White Elephant Gift Exchange 

New Business:
We are in need of members to sign up for demos for our meetings. Please let one of the leaders know if there is a demo you would like to do. You can demo any technique you would like to. According to the survey results, the most requested tutorial was a hanging sleeve tutorial, but other popular choices were tote bags, hand quilting, EPP, paper piecing, and free motion quilting. We would also like someone to do a curved piecing tutorial.  

Show and Tell:
Ann from Gen X Quilters showed us her 2015 Moccasin Block of the Month Club quilt. If you would like to sign up for the club please visit her website:

Block Raffle for January:
We will be making a heart block. Please think out of the block and change up the colors in the block between white, red and pink. There is a link below for the pattern.
(Example- make the background color red and the heart white or the background pink and the heart red) 

Reminder, you can make up to 2 blocks for the raffle and each block will be a raffle entry!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Bee Block

December is AnneMarie's month, and she has chosen a Granny Square Block. For instructions and fabric selection, please click on the link to her website:

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Holiday Party!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2015 Bee

Here is the long-awaited list of participants for next year's bee! As January gets closer I'll rename this year's bee page the 2014 Guild Bee, then create a new page for 2015. The new page will be very similar to this year's and include the list of participants, the rules, and links to the individual posts for each month. I'm very excited about this year's high participation and I hope we'll have another great bee!

Hive #1
January- Joanna Martinez
February- Rose Weckesser
March- Nicole Lorenz
April- Ann Murdock
May- Andrea Arledge
June- Barb Ballard
July- Bethany Rios
August- Jennie Hayes
September- Leigh Morgan
October- Abby Ewing
November- Katy Fineman-Jones
December- Joanna Malachowsky

Hive #2
January- Nicole Lorenz
February- Joanna Malachowsky
March- Helen Vivian
April- Bethany Rios
May- Cynthia Karkut
June- Andrea Arledge
July- Elizabeth Robbins
August- Janna Warren
September- Lauren Wright
October- Heather Post
November- Abby Ewing
December- Joanna Martinez

A couple of things that will be slightly different in 2015:

1. As you can see we have two "hives"! If you signed up to be in both hives, you'll be making one block for each hive each month (for example, I will make one block for Rose and one for Joanna in February). If you're in only one hive, then you'll make a block for the person assigned to your hive.

2. I will be sending each hive an email with a list of everyone's email addresses. This is not intended for communication about block design, etc, but only for the purpose of being able to notify that month's "queen" if you can't bring your block to the meeting. We will still be posting the block instructions on the blog and linking to them on the Facebook group page.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! - Joanna Martinez

Friday, November 21, 2014

Meeting Minutes 11/20/2014

Thanks to Dabble & Stitch for hosting the CMQG November meeting!

Joanna, Leigh, Melissa, Dana, Katie, Heather, Barb, Cristin, Rose, Vicky, Katie, Joanna, Ann, Katy, Stacey, Elizabeth, Lauren

Name and another hobby you enjoy

Guild Bee:
All present with bee blocks distributed them to their rightful owners. 

Joanna Martinez did a short demo on hand binding. She had a neat way to tie a knot in your thread and put a link to the YouTube video on the Facebook page. She also also mentioned her preference for using milliners needles when hand binding. She purchases the needles on Amazon.

Block Raffle:
Barb is the winner of this month's block raffle. We can't wait to see what she creates! 
Block Raffle

2015 Guild Bee(s):
We passed around another sheet to sign up for 2015 Bee(s). If you already signed up online, you don't need to duplicate your name on the sheet. Just a reminder, sign ups for the Bee are open until 11/30. We have almost enough people to have two hives going at the same time, but still need one person for January, one for November, and two for December. If those months don't work for you, several members are flexible with months, so don't hesitate to ask. Leadership will post the finalized list as soon as its available. Start thinking about your blocks!

New Business:
Vicky Melvin commented on the waning numbers of meeting attendees. While the attendance waxes and wanes throughout the year, the question of group growth was posed. Do we want to grow the group? How do we go about growing the group? Should we advertise? Katy Fineman-Jones suggested paying for a page on There aren't many, if any, crafting groups on, and it is only $12/month. With a MeetUp subscription, you're able to have three groups. Dana suggested talking to another group (Etsy Team Columbus) to see if they'd like to go in to get a MeetUp subscription. We could have a 50/50 raffle or pay minimal dues to cover the cost of the subscription or talk to a LQS to see if they would sponsor us. There was also some discussion about attendance being higher when meetings were held at a LQS. Joanna Malachowski suggested as there are many group members that sell items, that we could have a presence at some of the alternative craft shows that are popping up locally. Members who want to participate could go together to pay for a table. Dana mentioned that Etsy Team Columbus already does something similar. Should we get some business cards or postcards made? Same money raising ideas apply as above. The leadership team plans to discuss and present recommendations at the January meeting.

December Meeting Info:
Our December meeting will also be our holiday party!

December 18
Whetstone Library

3909 N. High St.

We will have a gift exchange. If you chose to participate, your gift should be about $15 in value (handmade or purchased, but preferably something craft related). Please wrap the gift so no one can tell what is in the package.

We will also have some food. Joanna passed around a signup sheet at tonight's meeting. Leadership will post a list soon, but please feel free to bring anything except red drinks! 

If you need some ideas of what to make, Dana suggested checking out the #OHCraft Pinterest board – for little pouch ideas, etc. #OHCraft is having a pouch swap and she said they've already pinned a lot of cute pouches. Dana also posted a link on the Facebook page. 
Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter just did a tutorial on felt gift tags and ornaments. You can find it here.

Annual Sew-In:
Our annual sew-in is tomorrow, Saturday, November 22!
Here are some additional details:

Saturday November 22, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Franklin Imaging 

500 Schrock Rd., Columbus, OH 43229

What to bring: 
  • Sewing Machine (with plug) 
  • Sewing projects
  • Extension cord, and power strip (label all your stuff) 
  • Sewing supplies and projects 
  • Demo materials if you are providing a demo 
  • Sweater for comfort—perhaps a pillow for chair 
  • A snack to share—maybe your favorite holiday cookie?
  • Potentially bring your own iron. There will be three community irons, but if you're going to be ironing HSTs all day, you may want to bring your own.
We've reached capacity for sewing machine space in the main room.
You can still sign up to attend, but you should not count on having a sewing machine table space in the main room. You can definitely bring a hand-sewing project, hand-binding, basting, cutting, etc. type of project. We may have last minute cancellations that free up sewing table space, but we can't guarantee sewing machine space at this point. However, there is a lot of space for cutting, basting, quilt layout, design walls etc. so think creatively, we still want to hang out with you!

Show and Tell:
Heather made a R2D2 quilt for husband -- twice!

Cristin's Vice Versa Quilt -- Front

Cristin's Vice Versa Quilt -- Back

Rose's beautiful take on the Feathers pattern by Alison Glass

Ann's new dress

Katie's beautiful baby quilt

Baby quilt top in process by Joanna

Quilt top in process by Katie -- Can't wait to see the music notes all quilted!

A paneled piece by Melissa

Dresden plate clock by Melissa

Machine-embroidered tissue box cover by Melissa

Because winter seems to have come early this year...
Inclement Weather Policy: If the library closes, we will cancel. Please check the library to determine if they are open or closed in the inclement weather.  CMQG leadership will also work to get the closing posted on the Facebook page as early as possible. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Bee Block

November is Dana's Month for the bee some of our members are participating in. To make the block, block instructions are here and here are some notes on color choices:

I used this block for a bee I was in last year, it was a solids only bee, so the pictures show solid colors, however, I don't care if you use all solids or not for this version. For the background pieces, you can use any neutral (beige, cream, pale pink, pale gray etc.) and for the triangles any bright color. Scrappy is great for me! My hope is this will be a quick low key block - let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sign up for the 2015 Guild Bee

If you would like to participate in the 2015 Guild Bee, please fill out the form below. The rules will be the same as this year's bee (if you need a reminder, they are located on the Guild Bee page).
Sign ups will be closed on 11/30 so that we can assign groups by the end of the year. The bee will start in January, with the first block delivery at the January 22nd meeting.**

**For those of you in the 2014 bee, this means that the bees will overlap for one month.

Bee Sign Up Sheet

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2015 Activities Survey

UPDATE: Please complete the survey by Sunday evening, 10/26. Thanks for your participation!

We are interested in your feedback regarding activities for next year! Please complete the following short survey to let us know what kind of activities you'd like to see in 2015. Please note that you won't be obligated to sign up for activities based on your survey answers, however, we would appreciate you answering yes only if you really think you can commit to the activity (for example, sign up for a bee). Thanks for your time, we look forward to creating even more fun activities for the group in the coming months!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Bee Block for Stacey

Block Design:  Snail Trail Block (12.5" unfinished).  This classic block has been on my 'quilt to do list' for a couple of years.  A great tutorial for the block can be found here:
Black and white!  I have wanted to make a 2 color quilt for a while now.  It can be solids, black and white prints, text, scrappy, etc. as long as one side 'reads' black and the other side 'reads' white.  
Thanks!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's blocks! 

CMQG Holiday Sew In Sign Up

Update! We've reached capacity for sewing machine space in the main room. 

You can still sign up to attend, but you should not count on having a sewing machine table space in the main room. You can definitely bring a hand-sewing project, hand-binding, basting, cutting, etc. type of project. We may have last minute cancellations that free up sewing table space, but we can't guarantee sewing machine space at this point. However, there is a lot of space for cutting, basting, quilt layout, design walls etc. so think creatively!

We'll finalize any last details at the October meeting (on Monday, October 27th!), but in the meantime, mark your calendars,
and register here if you can go!

Saturday November 22 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Franklin Imaging 500 Schrock RD Columbus, OH 43229

Please sign up by Nov. 1st so we can finalize details! First come first serve - there may not be room for everyone so sign up today!

What to bring:
  • Sewing Machine (with plug) 
  • Sewing projects
  • Extension cord, and power strip (label all your stuff) 
  • Sewing supplies and projects 
  • Demo materials if you are providing a demo 
  • Sweater for comfort—perhaps a pillow for chair 
  • A snack to share—maybe your favorite holiday cookie?
    Questions? Email

    To register - go to this link or go to the sign up page on the blog.

    Monday, October 6, 2014

    November Block Raffle Instructions

    We got our idea for the November block raffle from the Madison Modern Quilt Guild which is where the photo above and instructions are from.

    Here's how the block raffle works: You can bring 1-2 blocks to the November meeting. Each block gets you one entry into the lottery. If your name is pulled, you win all the blocks! Usually it is enough to make an entire lap-size quilt. 

    This month use a gray background - solid or a "reads as solid" print and pick ONE color for the "O" part of the block.  It can be scrappy, but should read as one color, similar to how the block above more or less reads as purple. 

    Please note: The pattern calls for using eight (8) 4.25" background squares with eight (8) 4.25" color squares. The method used for making the half square triangles results in 16 HST units. Only eight are needed per block. You could either use a different method for getting single half square triangle units or you could cut out another eight 3.5" purple squares and use the extra half square triangles to make an additional block!

    October Bee Block! Stacey's Month

    For the October meeting - reminder it is on MONDAY October 27th, if you are participating in the Bee, please bring Stacey's bee block - instructions below! 

    For the October meeting, you are also welcome to bring extra fabric for some fabric games we are playing -  the list of games we are playing is here, and folks can look on the facebook group to see what snacks they signed up for. 

    October Bee Block Design: 
    Snail Trail Block (12.5" unfinished). This classic block has been on my 'quilt to do list' for a couple of years. A great tutorial for the block can be found here:

    Colors: Black and white! I have wanted to make a 2 color quilt for a while now. It can be solids, black and white prints, text, scrappy, etc as long as one side 'reads' black and the other side 'reads' white.

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014

    Meeting Minutes 9/25/14

    Present: ann, Melissa, Vicki, Cynthia, Cristina, Allison, Leigh, Andrea, janna, Dana, heather, Kathy, Amy, Ellen, Joanna

    Ann announced the leadership positions so far and that we still need a leader. She said an email will be sent to set up a meeting time. Volunteers right now: Andrea, Leigh, Joanna x 2, Karen

    Kathy talked about the swap she did on her blog and showed us pics

    October meetings fabric games: 
    1.Fat quarter raffle - bring 1-2 fat quarters to play
    2. Strip poker - bring as many 2.5 inch jelly roll strips as you like to play!
    3. Bring one yard to use for musical chairs- either Stripes or dots

    Block Raffle for November -
    ideas: basic 9 patch that is 12 inch block (scrappy), Ohio star, o mad mod

    Decided on a mad mod block. Gray background and any other color (one).  It can be scrappy but haven't read as one color. Ie teal

    Dana demonstrated part 2 of her Binding tutorial and flanges. 

    Monday, September 29, 2014

    Help Plan Our Fall Sew-in!

    Folks over at the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild Facebook group (come join us there if you haven't yet!) have decided we would like to host a one day sewing retreat this fall so we can get a head start on our holiday sewing - while eating great food and enjoying even better company!

    Above is a picture Kathy took at last year's sew-in - somehow Kathy managed to get a picture of everyone working hard and no one pausing to chat!

    We'd love if you were able to come, so please fill out this survey by Saturday, October 4th with days you are available to come sew with us! We'll announce a date hopefully next week!

    There are a few leads on locations, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Email if you want to help plan our second annual CMQG Sew-in!

    If you aren't familiar with the idea of a Sew In - check out Kathy's great write up of our awesome event last year!!

    Don't forget to fill out the survey to help us choose the date!  UPDATE: We closed the poll and chose November 22nd. Sign up here for the sew-in.

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Peer Pressure: aka The Blog Post We Didn't Want to Write

    Ok's the scoop...

    This is not a message full of happy, quilty fun.  Really it's a guilt trip. Or an exercise in peer pressure, maybe?

    But I'll get straight to the point: the clock is ticking and we don't have enough people who are willing to take on a leadership role in the guild next year.  Two of you have already stepped up to cover the communications coordinator and activities coordinator roles (THANK YOU!), however we still need three more people to take on leadership opportunities.

    So, it has come to this. A line has been drawn in the sand...

    If we do not have at least three additional members step in to leadership opportunities by the end of this month, the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild will meet for the last time at our October meeting.

    Please consider filling one of the open positions. Hopefully our October anniversary party won't also be our farewell.

    P.S. The guild bee will continue through January as originally planned. I'm not sure what the logistics will be but I'm hoping I don't have to figure it out!

    Monday, September 8, 2014

    September Bee Block

    Karen's bee block for September can be found on her new website  It is an original square called Starsearch that leaves some room for improvisation! The finished quilt will look like this:

    Friday, August 29, 2014

    Upcoming Leadership Opportunities

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    It was so great to see so many people at our meeting last night (and so many new faces too!). We missed all of you that couldn't make it as well.

    One of the big topics on the agenda last night was a discussion about leadership opportunities for the upcoming guild year. Each year at the October meeting, we "pass the gavel" to the next round of leaders, and this year will be the same.  We've formalized the positions available so that each person has a better idea of what would be expected of them.  But before I list the openings, a few reminders:

    • If you can't attend every meeting--that's ok! Family, health, jobs, etc. (you!) always comes first, so if you know you can't make it a few times please don't let that hold you back from volunteering.
    • We'd like to have a single person identified to fill each of the roles listed below, but also keep in mind that you (as the lead person in that role) are free to create committees or have an unofficial "co-chair" to help you out.  In fact, working as a "co-chair" could be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the guild and feel comfortable taking on a leadership role the following year.
    If you're interested in becoming a leader, please send an email to with your name and the position you are interested in.

    In the event that we have more than one individual interested in a position, we'll hold "elections" and give all of the guild members an opportunity to vote (an easy, anonmyous online voting platform will be available).

    So without further ado, here's the available positions:

    Guild Leader
    Responsibilities: Sets agenda for each meeting. Secures meeting location(s).  Arranges for outside speakers to attend the meeting (e.g. April Rhodes, Quilt Beginnings).  Oversees all other functions as outlined below.

    Guild Secretary
    Responsibilities: Takes meeting minutes during each CMQG meeting.  Following each meeting posts those minutes on the CMQG website.

    Guild Communications Coordinator/Photographer
    Responsibilities: Posts monthly reminders of upcoming meetings, activities at the meeting, what to bring, etc. on the Guild blog and Facebook pages. Increase social media presence of the guild (e.x. Instagram). Includes photography (as applicable) from guild events.

    Guild Activities Coordinator
    Responsibilities: Plans and organizes guild activities such as: guild bee, quarterly block raffles, etc.

    Guild Charity Coordinator
    Responsibilities: Plans and organizes guild charity activities including block drives, charity sew-ins, etc.
    Please let us know if you have any questions.  We really encourage you to consider taking on a leadership role for the upcoming year.  Our guild continues to grow and improve and adding new ideas to the mix is only going to make it even better!

    Monday, August 18, 2014


    Just a reminder....our monthly meetings resume next week back at our normal time and place (Whetstone Library 6:30pm)

    We announced a block raffle back in May for this month. Just in case the sun has been in your eyes and bronzing your skin. This month's raffle is for 12.5 inch wonky log cabin in blues and greens. You can bring up to 2 blocks for entries.

    Other goodies to bring
    - Bee blocks if you are in the bee group
    - Show and tells or projects that you need help with
    -Ideas for our October birthday party!

    Monday, August 4, 2014

    August Bee Block Instructions

    Hi everyone, here is the information for the August bee block:

    Thanks, and can’t wait to see all the blocks!
    Joanna M

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    July Meeting and Other Businesss

    Hello Everyone--

    As a reminder, tomorrow is our monthly meeting and it's another charity sewing night at The James Stitching Sisters Sewing Center! 

    Meeting is from 6-9 PM. You can find all of the details in the post from last month's meeting.

    Please remember to bring any outstanding bee blocks you owe...I know that Andrea (May) and Ann (June) are still waiting on quite a few. Cristin (July) won't be at the meeting, so you can hold on to that one for now--just remember to bring it in August!

    Speaking of August, our next meeting will be on August 28th.  We're back at the Whetstone Library.  Lots of guild business to discuss next time, including planning for a transfer of leadership in the fall. Be ready for a great discussion!

    August is Joanna's turn in the Guild Bee and I'm sure she'll have something great for all of us to create, so stay tuned for the next installment of the guild bee.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Reminder: Meeting Tonight!

    Just a friendly reminder about our meeting tonight at 6:00 PM. We'll be meeting at The James Stitching Sisters Sewing Center in Dublin.

    All of the details can be found in the previous blog post (directions, etc.).

    Don't forget to bring a snack to share and any bee blocks you have to turn in!  Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Let's have a quilty party!

    And once again, thanks Kathy for hosting :)


    Monday, June 9, 2014

    CMQG Gives Back to the Community at June & July Meetings

    As many of you may know, Kathy Gordon is very involved with The James Stitching Sisters and she has kindly agreed to host our June and July meetings at the Sewing Center!  Thanks Kathy for all of your hard work in pulling this together.
    I know everyone in the CMQG is looking forward to giving back to the community using our quilting skills!  All of the meeting details are included below:
    The James Stitching Sisters Sewing Center
    289 Cramer Creek Court
    Dublin, OH
    The sewing center is just off Frantz Road with easy access from I-270 for those of you that come from outlying areas.

    Psst...It's also nearby Red Rooster Quilts, if the need for some fabric shopping strikes before the meeting! Red Rooster has a great selection of pre-cuts, quilt kits, and modern basics.  They also carry traditional fabrics, so there's a little something for everyone. I feel the need to plan a fabric road trip, but that's a story for another day...
    When:THURSDAY, June 26th
    6-9 PM
    THURSDAY, July 24th
    6-9 PM
    What to bring?Since we're meeting a little earlier than usual, please feel free to bring a snack to share. You know Kathy...she's always looking to have a party!
    What not to bring? 
    Due to the danger of loose pins, hot irons, ironing boards that could tip over, etc., we ask that you leave your children at home where they will be safe.       
    What to expect?
     Kathy has lots planned for us to keep us busy all night, including:
    • tour of the center...but you can get a sneak peak of it here on Kathy's blog-- Kwilty Pleasures.
    • long-arm sewing machine quilting  
    • regular sewing machine piecing
    • cutting kits
    • labeling quilts  
    • making binding
    • sandwiching quilts for kwilting
    • and more!!!!
    If you cannot stay for the entire time of the meetings, please stop in and check out the facility, have a snack, and find out how you can help...even from home!
    To learn more about The James Stitching Sisters, please visit their website. 
    We're looking forward to seeing everyone for a few nights of charity sewing this summer!  Thanks again Kathy for all you've done to organize and host.

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    June's Bee Block Instructions

    Hi All, Ann here. It’s time for my month of the Bee and I’m super excited to tell you all about my bee block.

    For the June Bee block I have picked “X + Plus” blocks.  I’ve seen some really incredible scrappy versions of these on Flickr and various blogs.
    There is a great Tutorial for making this block by Amy of BadSkirt. However, her blocks turn out to be only about 7.5” square. However, I’d like the blocks to be a bit bigger.  Below are the modifications to make the block finish at 12” (12.5” unfinished).  Please use the below measurements for cutting fabric. You can then use the assembly instructions via the tutorial.
    Center Cross – two 2.5” squares + one 2.5” x 6.5” rectangle
    Edges of cross – four 2.5” x 3.5” rectangles
    Background triangles – eight 3.5” squares
    Branches of the X (can be different fabrics for each part of the X if you want)  – four 5.5” squares
    Here is an example block I made for my Feb Bee block for Janna. I originally thought I wanted them to be monochromatic but I think I like the scrappy multicolored look more.
    Color palette and fabric selection: bold colors of the rainbow. Please try to stay away from pastels. You can use multiple colors in the block if you like. Multicolored prints are fine too. The scrappier the better.  For the background fabric (the white part in my example block), it would be great if you could use some kind of text or low volume print (but if not that’s OK too).  Anything light is fine (gray, white, cream, etc).

    I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Thanks!

    Monday, May 19, 2014

    It's almost time for the May meeting!

    How is everyone doing on their UFO challenge quilts?  If you've done anything, you're ahead of me!  My UFO is still sitting as a stack of un-cut fabric on my cutting table!  I should probably get to work on that, so this will be a short blog post!

    May is the month to bring your COMPLETED UFO challenge project and our special guest judges will be on-hand to choose the winners. There will also be prizes for those of you that don't finish your UFOs.

    Here's the current state of mine:

    What do you think? Will I finish? I'm probably destined for a "Jaclyn" prize!

    As a reminder this month's meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 28th at 6:30 at Quilt Beginnings-North. Click here for detailed directions from the Quilt Beginnings website.

    Quilt Beginnings-NORTH
    6591 Sawmill Road
    Dublin, Ohio 43017
    (614) 799-2688
    The sweet gals from Quilt Beginnings will also be our guest judges for the UFO challenge and will be sharing some of their insights from Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last week. I can't wait to hear more about what their little shop has planned for the summer. Aren't we lucky to have so many great fabric shops in Columbus?
    What else do you need to bring to this meeting? Make sure to bring your UFO,  and any and all outstanding bee blocks. We have lots on the agenda for this meeting, so there likely won't be time to share other projects you've recently completed, but feel free to bring them along just in case.
    Have I reminded you enough times to bring your UFO challenge to the May meeting?
    See you next week!

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    April Showers bring...May Bee Block Instructions

    April is nearly over, and I'm certainly ready for the rain to move on!  I know, April Showers bring May flowers, but really...I just want the sweltering heat of July! Bring on the sunshine pretty please!

    This month (May) is Andrea's turn in the CMQG bee. You can find the bee block instructions here.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone later this month! Don't forget to be working on your WIPs too...

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Have you been a slacker?

    Calling all guild bee members…we’re missing some blocks and the guild bee has just been started! We’ve formerly used an “honor system” when turning in bee blocks each month, but I’m still missing one from February, and quite a few weren’t turned in at the March meeting.

    So...there’s a new quilt bee sheriff in town! Please see me (Nicole) before the start of the meeting to claim which blocks you’ve previously entered and also show me your April block for Cynthia. I’ll be checking everyone on my list and we’ll have to add a little more accountability to the process. Please don’t make me publically  shame you for being a slacker. (Just kidding, no public mockery, but you might be susceptible to receiving one of Jaclyn’s “prizes” if you don’t get your blocks caught up and turned in.)
    If you've been a little behind, check out the Guild Bee Info tab at the top of the blog page in order to see the details for the blocks you're missing.
    For the April meeting, please be sure to check in with me before the start of the meeting.  I’ll have my two little ones with me, so I may not be able to stick around for the entire meeting. If you have any questions about the bee, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    I can’t wait to see the blocks everyone made for Cynthia this month!  See everyone on Thursday!

    Monday, April 14, 2014

    Big change for May's meeting!

    In honor of our UFO challenge that is happening now.......(one UFO has been finished by a member)......I honor of the challenge and our "unveiling", Quilt Beginnings North will be judging and hosting our event at their store location in Dublin. Our meeting time will be the same May 28th, from 6:30-8:30. We will have the store's owner, Cathy and Store Manager, Jill giving us there wrap up on Quilt Market, happening earlier in the month.....what's up and coming, what products they are bringing in, etc. They will also be our judges and generously supplying prizes for the UFO's.

    Please mark your calendars for this event! And when you go to the NQA show the week before our meeting please stop by their both, say hi and let them know how excited we are for them to host us! 

    We will still be having our regular meeting in conjunction with Quilt Beginnings. This includes Dana's Reverse Applique Demo and  block Raffle Announcement! We'll also be nailing down details for our Charity Sew-In for June and July.
    Lastly, in true Jaclyn style.......there will also be prizes for those who don't finish their UFO's..........Jaclyn prizes:)......not Quilt Beginning prizes. You've been warned:) and don't forget.......I have a list of the UFO's, so you can't hide in the corner and pretend you didn't enter the challenge.

    Until then, I look forward to April's Meeting where we have Kathy Faus showing us curved piecing and Alli giving us a quick demo on machine binding. Don't forget to bring a fat quarter in for our fat quarter exchange! The only rules for the fat quarters are quilt store quality and modern....we are a modern quilt guild.

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    April Bee Block

    Hey Ladies,

    Cynthia's bee block is up on our bee tab. Here also is the link:

    Rolling Stones

    And if you have any questions please contact Cynthia via facebook or here blog.

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Meeting Next Thursday

    Hey Ladies!

    This month's meeting is next Thursday, March 27th. There was a little confusion over which month the meeting is Switching to a Wednesday and that is May. It is moved to May 28th. Same time and place. The side bar of the blog has the dates listed too. If any others change we will update it too! Or reap the consequences:).

    Don't forget your UFO projects...more on what to bring as we get closer.

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    February Minutes

    Feb. 2014


    Nicole, Karen, Dana, Ellen, Helen, Anne Marie, Cristin, Joanna, Ellen, Jaclyn, Ann, Nancy, June, Suzy, Katie, Cynthia, Joanna, Melissa, Vickie, Maria, Abbe, Andrea, Abby, Lauren, Kathy ,Janna

    Sam and April from Sew to Speak

    Fabric Substrates- branching beyond cotton.  When can you use other substrates for quilting?  Using wool and double guaze is very similar to using cotton.  People have used the double gauze, silk, corduroy, linen.  They mix different substrates. 

    Voile can be quilted with.  Very high thread count and very thin.  They carry some that is 100% cotton.  Real is so light it is almost like a cheese cloth.  Lawn (SP?) is also what they are seeing, but calling it Voile

    Suggested a solid white flannel as an interface.

    Double Gauze.  Becomes very soft after you wash.  It washes the same.  It quilts nicely.  It doesn’t show sweat stains b/c it is so lightweight.

    Chambry (SP?)- seeing a lot of it. 

    Peppered Cotton- thicker and a tougher weave.  “Brilliant’ to quilt with.

    Linen rayon would be amazing for quilting.  But maybe not as nice as the linen cotton.  Personal preference when choosing whether or not to change your needle.

    Design trends: Metallic, Lizzy house pearl bracelets, subtle metallic

    Animals in general, horses, whales, nautical,

    Tribal (including Mexican, southwestern, African, santa fe)

    Linen will be staying around- they are seeing a lot of trends with linen.

    Their store is plans to remain both quilting and clothing.

    Quilting cotton is still great for apparel, but think about how you are using.  Art Gallery makes an amazing line.

    Most excited about in their shop that is up and coming: A new company- Cotton and steel; Spring Market; Classes

    April’s Patterns- staple dress and date night pattern, top/dress.  April just started the adventure last March.  Her goal was to produce very simply patterns.  Most of her patterns you can make in about a day.


    NQA update.  Need 4 total individual members if we are going to join.  If you are a member and willing- give to Jac.  We may put a cap on it by July and say if we don’t have enough members we may chose something else to put the money towards.

    National Modern quilt guild.  Next Quilt Con is Fe.b 2015 in Austin. 

    OH Craft.  Registration is now open (early).  6 person room is 184, Friday- Sunday.  It is in South Portsmouth this year.

    UFO Challenge:  Next Month bring in your UFO, we will document them.   If you bring in more htan one, you have to get them all done, but can be entered more than once.

    1. cant e more than 20% of the way done
    2. If more than 20% of the way done, it has to be over 2 years

    Prizes: we have a tub of donations for prizes.  As you destash if you want to bring stuff in, feel free.

    Membership cards- after 3rd meeting you can have one, see Ann.

    Quilt bee and block raffle.

    Abbe is willing to take 2 inch pieces of fabric.

    Joanna – Dabble and Stitch winter sale is going on. 

    Show and Tell