Thursday, December 4, 2014

2015 Bee

Here is the long-awaited list of participants for next year's bee! As January gets closer I'll rename this year's bee page the 2014 Guild Bee, then create a new page for 2015. The new page will be very similar to this year's and include the list of participants, the rules, and links to the individual posts for each month. I'm very excited about this year's high participation and I hope we'll have another great bee!

Hive #1
January- Joanna Martinez
February- Rose Weckesser
March- Nicole Lorenz
April- Ann Murdock
May- Andrea Arledge
June- Barb Ballard
July- Bethany Rios
August- Jennie Hayes
September- Leigh Morgan
October- Abby Ewing
November- Katy Fineman-Jones
December- Joanna Malachowsky

Hive #2
January- Nicole Lorenz
February- Joanna Malachowsky
March- Helen Vivian
April- Bethany Rios
May- Cynthia Karkut
June- Andrea Arledge
July- Elizabeth Robbins
August- Janna Warren
September- Lauren Wright
October- Heather Post
November- Abby Ewing
December- Joanna Martinez

A couple of things that will be slightly different in 2015:

1. As you can see we have two "hives"! If you signed up to be in both hives, you'll be making one block for each hive each month (for example, I will make one block for Rose and one for Joanna in February). If you're in only one hive, then you'll make a block for the person assigned to your hive.

2. I will be sending each hive an email with a list of everyone's email addresses. This is not intended for communication about block design, etc, but only for the purpose of being able to notify that month's "queen" if you can't bring your block to the meeting. We will still be posting the block instructions on the blog and linking to them on the Facebook group page.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! - Joanna Martinez

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