Monday, July 30, 2018

Block Raffle

Block Name: Autumn Arrowhead


 Choose a light and a dark fabric. They do not have to be the same color. Example Light purple and dark orange. Bring as many blocks as you want.

Due Date: August 23 2018 Meeting

August Bee Block

Name : Christina L

Block Design: Raspberry Kiss

Name Link to block tutorial
Color selection
"Background - low volume that reads as white, off-white, or light grey. Cross -
 any colors except browns, grey or black. Feel free to use scraps.
Please name some designers or line of fabrics you like that will help us pick the right fabric for your block
Anything modern is fine
Please make 4 of the 4.5 inch blocks

Directions Links to example of the quilt block or fabric you would like us to use.   

Blocks Christina already has:
*please pick different fabric then in the pictures