Monday, March 21, 2011

Call for H...E..L...P!

Hi Everyone-   *Warning - get your cup of coffee before you sit down to read this - it's a long one - but very important!**

Well, I think the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild is off to a great start!  After four meetings, it seems like we have a nice regular group of about 25-30 and I hope the Mug Rug Swap helped us get to know each other a little better. Now that we are not so brand-spanking new and have gotten our feet wet a little, I hope you will consider volunteering to help out in planning some fun activities for the guild.  After all, I simply cannot do this by myself forever!

I hope to still keep things casual and would like to try to avoid electing "officers" and other rigid no-fun sounding positions.  These volunteer spots do not consume a huge amount of time independently.  If we divide up all the responsibilities, we can have many fun things going on at once.

So, that being said, let me tell you that both Cristin and Beth have been helping out behind the scenes.

Cristin has taken on organizing the Sew-ins - she informs the group about the activity via blog posts, keeps track of who is attending, and communicates necessary info to attendees.

Beth, in addition, to giving a sweet paper piecing demo, has been working with me doing graphic design work to create a logo/header for the group, which will then translate into membership cards.

Barb came up with the great idea for the Book Club reading the Artist's Way.

At the March meeting, Beverly volunteered to help with copies and Paul volunteered to collect/mail out the Just One Star blocks for the group.  All these things will help keep this group running smoothly.

So here are some things I think we need:

Swap Boss(es):  Overall, I think we can only have 3-4 swaps per year.  One swap per quarter sounds like a lot?  The Mug Rug Swap was one idea... we potentially saw another cool idea in Jaclyn's On-the-go sewing organizer....  don't forget fabric swaps...  I think the ideas for these will just naturally flow out at meetings.  One to two people in charge of organizing swaps will be responsible for planning what is being swapped, the timing of the swaps (kickoff at which meeting, bringing back finished projects, etc.), finding a "free" pattern for us all to use if needed, and writing up a little sheet for people to reference to hand out at meetings.

Challenge Boss(es):  Again, very similar to the swaps.  3-4 per year if we can.  So far, we have had the Xmas Fat Quarter Challenge, and now we are doing the Kona Charm Pack Challenge.  Often, Challenge activities are passed down from the national group to each branch.  One to two people in charge of organizing challenges will be responsible for planning what the challenge is, the timing (kickoff at which meeting, bringing back finished projects, etc.), finding a "free" pattern for us all to use if needed, and writing up a little sheet for people to reference to hand out at meetings.

Charity Bee Mama(s):  I am starting to organize now our first charity quilting project - Japan Relief quilts with the remaining Kona Charm Packs.  In general, bees require a certain number of people to volunteer to make blocks to be assembled in a charity quilt, someone to assemble the blocks, quilt, and bind.  Finding charities to donate to is very easy.  The Bee Mama(s) will need to determine all the basics (who, what, when, where the fabric comes from (donated from quilt shops, people provide their own, etc).

Demo Speakers for Monthly Meetings:  This one is easy!  Share your knowledge and skills with the group.  We can all learn something from even basic topics.  The goal would be about a 10-15 minute demonstration on whatever topic you feel comfortable speaking about.

**That being said, I didn't realize at the meeting that I had volunteered myself to not only give the demo on blogging, but also to organize the Japan Charity effort.  Yikes.  That's WAY too much.  Would someone else like the demo for the April meeting??**

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered thus far, it is greatly appreciated!  I hope you are as excited as I am about all the things I see in the future for this group - we have a really nice and talented group of quilters in our MQG.  I hope you look forward to the meetings as I do!

Please click over to the CMQG website and leave a comment at the end of the post to discuss these items so the group can see the conversation.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Reminder: Thursday, March 17, 2011

The next CMQG meeting is THURSDAY, MAR. 17 from 7-9pm at Quilt Trends. Beth is doing a paper piecing demo.

What to bring:

1. Your completed Mug Rug for the Swap
2. Show and Tell item

3.  Donations (blankets, blanket supplies, bath items) for My Very Blanket

Monday, March 14, 2011

How Would You Like to Kick Up Your Creativity a Notch?

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is just the book to help you take your quilting projects up to the next level. This is an international best seller has inspired millions to overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that can inhibit the creative process.  

Photo from Julia Cameron's site

Freddy Moran,  a fabulous quilt designer (who's mantra is "red is a neutral"!)  states in the book she co-wrote with Gwen Marston,Collarboartive Quilting: "This book {The Artist's Way} changed my life.  It is a workbook with weekly assignments designed to help the reader overcome creative blocks and express her inner artist. It taught me that the process of creating art involves predictable struggles and obstacles, and that it is worth it to face the obstacles and finish the piece."

If you'd like to join a book club to encourage other guild members on the journey through this book, enter your info here.  Planning for the club will occur at the March guild meeting. See you there!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take Note: Sew-In at QT RESCHEDULED!

Dear all,
If you've already signed up for the Sew-In at QT this Saturday, PLEASE READ THIS!

Due to a calendar snafu the date has been changed to Saturday, April 9th! (Same time slots: 11am-2pm and 2-5pm)

I'll be emailing those who have already signed up, too!

If you'd like to sign up for the new April 9th Sew-In, you can do so by clicking HERE! Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you can attend on April 9th!

Email me with any questions: cristin [dot] wilson {at} gmail (dot) com

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sew-In on Saturday, March 12th!

Come to Quilt Trends on Saturday March 12th to sew to your hearts content! Do you have a stack of fabric you've been just itching to cut into? Been wanting to make that set of potholders for ages now? Trying to get a jump on that spring top you swore you'd finish by June?

Bring your sewing machine, personal supplies and projects! You'll have your own sewing table with electrical hookup. Multiple irons will be available to press those seams nice and crisp!
Feel free to bring your own snacky-snacks and drinks too!

There are two time slots available:
11am - 2pm
2pm - 5pm

Click HERE to sign up!
See you on March 12th!

Contact Cristin with any questions: cristin {dot} wilson [at] gmail (dot) com