Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April Minutes

Quilt Olympics:
The April meeting we met at Quilt Beginnings at the Sawmill location. We did out Quilt Olympics Games. Want to give a big THANK YOU to Jaclyn for planning the games, Quilt beginnings and Sew to Speak for sponsoring the prizes! Here are some of the pictures from the Quilt Olympics:

April Bee Block:
Hive #1-

Hive #2-

Fat Eight Swap:
For the fat eight swap you were to bring in one Kona or Moda Solid. Blue seemed to be the popular color.

What to plan for our May meeting?:
**Meeting will be at Red Rooster Quilts 48 Corbins Mill Dr Dublin OH 43017 
**Karen, the owner of Red Rooster, will do a demo on the Quick Curve Ruler
**Elizabeth will do a demo on English Paper Piecing (EPP)
**We will introduce a small EPP challenge!
**We will have our first UFO challenge check-in!

Show & Tell Pictures:

Sunday, May 3, 2015

UFO Challenge

We had great participation in the UFO Challenge sign ups! If you forgot to turn your form in, please turn it in by tomorrow, Monday 5/4, and don't forget the first checkpoint is at this month's meeting!

Here is a list of everyone who signed up and their UFO projects:
  1. Stacey Vannatta
    1. 2014 bee blocks quilt
    2. Debbie's retirement quilt (lap size)
    3. Camille quilt (queen size)
  2. Heather Post
    1. Tula Pink Bumble Hexagon quilt
    2. Birch Farms quilt
    3. Charley Harper Koala
    4. Red Letter Day
  3. Kim Hensley
    1. Swoon quilt
    2. APQ Low Volume quilt
  4. Rose Weckesser
    1. Birchen quilt
    2. Tangelo quilt
  5. Andrea Arledge
    1. Granny square quilt
    2. Scrappy nine patch quilt
    3. Geese quilt
    4. Flowering snowball
  6. Aimee Marshall
    1. Saltwater quilt
    2. Star Wars quilt
    3. Granny square quilt
    4. Grandmother's flower garden
  7. Lauren Wright
    1. Chevron baby quilt
    2. Women of the Bible quilt
    3. Kissing Fish baby quilt
  8. Alison Curtin
    1. Polaroid Picture quilt
  9. Elizabeth Robbins
    1. Hayden baby quilt
    2. Yummy by Jaybird
    3. Jelly Roll Race
    4. Beginning to quilt charity quilt
  10. Abby Ewing
    1. State flowers quilt
    2. Cross block quilt
  11. Kate White
    1. Moccasin BOM
    2. HST Sampler
    3. T-shirts quilt
    4. Cotton & Steel mini quilt
  12. Ann Murdock
    1. Lone Star Quilt
    2. Backyard baby quilt
  13. Katie Paluch
    1. Molly's baby quilt
    2. Andie's baby quilt
    3. Mary Lou's quilt
    4. Lori's quilt
  14. Joanna Martinez
    1. Jan 2015 bee quilt
    2. Craftsy 2012 BOM quilt
  15. Cynthia Karkut
    1. 2014 bee blocks (rolling stone)
    2. Pineapple quilt
    3. Northern lights
    4. Aviatrix medallion
  16. Kathy Gordon
    1. Orange Ghastlies
    2. Green Ghastlies (portraits)
    3. Charm Dash quilt
    4. Ghastlies Apron and Stocking
  17. Jennie Hayes
    1. OSU Pinwheel
    2. Noah's speedster quilt
    3. Alex's chemistry quilt
  18. Dana Kuhnline
    1. Mad farmer medallion
    2. Butterfly rainbow
    3. Blue hand dyed quilt
  19. Allison Evans
    1. Greta's birthday quilt

Hive #1- May Block

(Hive 1 only! If you're in hive 2, please follow Cynthia's instructions)

Please follow Andrea's instructions on her blog

(A question was asked about the feathers- they should be scrappy, neither side of the feather should be just one color)

Hive #2- May Block

(Hive 2 only! If you're in hive 1, please follow Andrea's instructions)
  • Block Design: Please follow this tutorial from We All Sew
  • Background: Please use a solid white
  • Scrappiness: The block can be scrappy if you'd like, but should read as one color.
  • Color palette: Each lady will be assigned a block color. Please see the post on the Facebook group to request your color. Here are the assignments as of this morning, I will update as I hear from each of you:

  1. Red- Elizabeth Robbins
  2. Light Blue- Abby Ewing
  3. Dark Blue- Joanna Martinez
  4. Light Green- Heather Post
  5. Dark Green- Cynthia Karkut
  6. Aqua- Danielle Daniels
  7. Pink- Andrea Arledge
  8. Purple- Joanna Malachowsky
  9. Orange- Lauren Wright
  10. Yellow- Helen Vivian
  11. Black and Grey- Aimee Marshall
  12. Brown and Tan- Nicole Lorenz