Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hive #2- May Block

(Hive 2 only! If you're in hive 1, please follow Andrea's instructions)
  • Block Design: Please follow this tutorial from We All Sew
  • Background: Please use a solid white
  • Scrappiness: The block can be scrappy if you'd like, but should read as one color.
  • Color palette: Each lady will be assigned a block color. Please see the post on the Facebook group to request your color. Here are the assignments as of this morning, I will update as I hear from each of you:

  1. Red- Elizabeth Robbins
  2. Light Blue- Abby Ewing
  3. Dark Blue- Joanna Martinez
  4. Light Green- Heather Post
  5. Dark Green- Cynthia Karkut
  6. Aqua- Danielle Daniels
  7. Pink- Andrea Arledge
  8. Purple- Joanna Malachowsky
  9. Orange- Lauren Wright
  10. Yellow- Helen Vivian
  11. Black and Grey- Aimee Marshall
  12. Brown and Tan- Nicole Lorenz

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