Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meeting Reminder: 1st Anniversary Party Thursday, October 20

Our big celebration is tomorrow night!

Here's a mini list of what to bring:  (see the 2 previous posts for full details)

1.  Hexagon sewing supplies
2.  Jelly Roll strips for strip poker
3.  FQs for L-C-R game
4.  Wrapped Ugly FQ for White Elephant
5.  Potluck item

Thanks everyone for volunteering to make food and organize games, etc.  It's going to be great fun!  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st Anniversary Party: Potluck Sign Up Sheet

Hi again-  Prepping for the BIG Party again.

Those who were at the meeting in September asked if I could send out the potluck signup list to remind everyone what they are supposed to bring.

Feel free to supplement what you see here if you weren't at the last meeting.

1.  AnneMarie - pulled pork, buns
2.  Katie P. - broccoli casserole

SIDES - Veggie Tray
1.  Barb K.
2.  Shelia - Japanese salad
3.  Joyce and Bryan L.

SIDES - Hors d'voeuvres
1.  Dana K.
2.  Nancy E. - pasta salad
3.  Mary S. - deviled eggs
4. Linda T.
5.  Beth N. - chips and dip
6.  Abbe F. - broccoli salad

DESSERT - Cookies
1.  Stacy V. - choc chip
2.  Ann M. - snickerdoodles
3.  Paula - Brownie Bites

1.  Pamela B. - Cake
2.  Kathy F. - peach kuchen
3.  Beth N. - pb and choc r.k. treats

1.  Cristin  - 2 2L soda
2.  Ann M. - 2 2L soda
3.  Abbe F. - 2 2L soda
4.  Ellen - 2 2L soda

1.  Cristin - cups
2.  Dana - bowls, plates, silverware

1st Anniversary Party: What to Bring

Ok folks!  The BIG Party is only one week away!!  I thought you may want to start looking at your stash to plan for all the fun activities we have planned.  Participation is voluntary - so choose what you'd like to do.  The more the merrier...

Making Hexagons (Demonstration - and then group hand sewing)

Websites for English Paper Piecing Patterns & Templates         on this website, check out the free downloads for
 hints, pattern sheets, cutting guides and design sheets

Below is a template calculator.  Enter size and it will give you a template. 

Supplies for Making Hexagons - What to Bring
Fabric squares – (for a 3 inch hexagon, cut squares 4”??”
Scissors – small embroidery
Straight pins
Thread to baste with – different color than fabric (you want something to stand out – it will be removed
Templates (print out templates from links provided above)
Thread to match or blend with fabric.


1.  Strip Poker
To Bring:  at least 10 strips of fabric, 2.5" x Width Of Fabric (Jelly Roll strips or make your own!)
Each player antes up 1 strip, then the dealer deals everyone ONE card, and high card wins all the strips!  Deal again, and repeat!  Super Easy!  

2.  Left-Center-Right
If you would like to participate in the Left Center Right Game (LCR) you will need to bring three fat quarters.  These fat quarters will end up moving around from person to person throughout the game depending on how you roll the dice. The object of the game is to be the last one with a fat quarter. Only one person wins per game and it’s winner take all so please be prepared to leave either without your fat quarters or with a whole bunch more! It’s a game of luck so no skill besides rolling the dice is needed. It’s a lot of fun and very easy to learn.

Bring more FQs if you'd like to play more than one round of L-C-R.

3.  White Elephant FQ Exchange
White Elephant Exchange for ugly fabric! Bring a fat quarter of the
ugliest fabric you can find (wrap it or put it in a gift bag). We will
do a blind swap -- and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
You may end up with something you love! ;-)

Reminder:  Please respond to the Evite if you haven't already - I would like everyone to have a head count who is bringing food.

PS  The potluck list is next to be emailed out...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CMQG Member GiveAways!

Hi all-  Soon I'll be posting all the details for the Anniversary Party next week.  But I wanted to tell you about 2 GiveAways going on by our very own members.  Please check out the links if you're interested in entering the drawings.

1.  Cristin (Sew This Is My Life) is giving away an Accuquilt GO! Baby.  This is the SAME machine we had demonstrated by Beth and Cristin at our last meeting!

Go HERE to enter!

2.  Me (AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters) is giving away a copy of the new book Deploy That Fabric and a matching Eco-Messenger Bag.

Go HERE to enter!

Love to see local winners!