Thursday, January 25, 2024

Swap #1 Thread Catcher

You will be swapping with another member of our group. You will need to sign up and fill out the questions before February 1. You will then get an email with the answers about your partner by February 5. You will need to make a Thread Catcher for your partner and bring it to the the meeting. If you are unable to make it to the meeting please try to find someone else coming to the meeting to bring it for you or message Leigh. 

What: Thread Catcher

Due Date: April 25th Meeting

How to sign up? Fill out this form by February 1st  Sign up Form Link

Made by Heather P

Link to this pattern:

2024 Challenge #1 Two color challenge

Due: March

Name: Two color challenge. 

Rules: You can use only 2 distinct colors for your quilt top and binding. Your 2 colors can be shades or tints of each other. For example, you can use light blue and dark blue as your 2 colors, or you could use 2 shades of green etc, but only use those 2 colors. 
You can use whatever colors you want on the backing/inside. If your project is a bag, the outside, any outside pockets, and handles can only be your 2 colors but the lining can be whatever you want. 

Project needs to be completed.

2024 Project of the Year

Project: Monochromatic Quilt

Check In Months- February, March, June, August, & November


Check In #1 Pattern (February)

-Pick your pattern. Bring a picture of your quilt pattern either on paper or on your phone to the February quilting meeting

Check In #2 Color  (March)

-Pick your color family. This is a variety of different shades, hues & tints. Pick colors light to dark so you have contrast in your quilt. This is a great place to use the color wheel, paint samples and also black & white pictures on your phone.

Check In #3 Cutting ( May)

-Time to cut your fabric

Check In #4 Sew (August)

-Start piecing your quilt together. Bring a block or a part of your quilt to show your progress at the August meeting

Check In #5 Finish (November)

-Bring your finished quilt top to the November meeting for show & tell

Links talking about Monochromatic Quilts: