Thursday, January 25, 2024

2024 Project of the Year

Project: Monochromatic Quilt

Check In Months- February, March, June, August, & November


Check In #1 Pattern (February)

-Pick your pattern. Bring a picture of your quilt pattern either on paper or on your phone to the February quilting meeting

Check In #2 Color  (March)

-Pick your color family. This is a variety of different shades, hues & tints. Pick colors light to dark so you have contrast in your quilt. This is a great place to use the color wheel, paint samples and also black & white pictures on your phone.

Check In #3 Cutting ( May)

-Time to cut your fabric

Check In #4 Sew (August)

-Start piecing your quilt together. Bring a block or a part of your quilt to show your progress at the August meeting

Check In #5 Finish (November)

-Bring your finished quilt top to the November meeting for show & tell

Links talking about Monochromatic Quilts:

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