Monday, September 15, 2014

Peer Pressure: aka The Blog Post We Didn't Want to Write

Ok's the scoop...

This is not a message full of happy, quilty fun.  Really it's a guilt trip. Or an exercise in peer pressure, maybe?

But I'll get straight to the point: the clock is ticking and we don't have enough people who are willing to take on a leadership role in the guild next year.  Two of you have already stepped up to cover the communications coordinator and activities coordinator roles (THANK YOU!), however we still need three more people to take on leadership opportunities.

So, it has come to this. A line has been drawn in the sand...

If we do not have at least three additional members step in to leadership opportunities by the end of this month, the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild will meet for the last time at our October meeting.

Please consider filling one of the open positions. Hopefully our October anniversary party won't also be our farewell.

P.S. The guild bee will continue through January as originally planned. I'm not sure what the logistics will be but I'm hoping I don't have to figure it out!


  1. I'd be happy to take on the role of Guild Secretary.

  2. I can only make it to about half of the meetings- if there's something I could do given this attendance, I'm happy to!