Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Minutes

Feb. 2014


Nicole, Karen, Dana, Ellen, Helen, Anne Marie, Cristin, Joanna, Ellen, Jaclyn, Ann, Nancy, June, Suzy, Katie, Cynthia, Joanna, Melissa, Vickie, Maria, Abbe, Andrea, Abby, Lauren, Kathy ,Janna

Sam and April from Sew to Speak

Fabric Substrates- branching beyond cotton.  When can you use other substrates for quilting?  Using wool and double guaze is very similar to using cotton.  People have used the double gauze, silk, corduroy, linen.  They mix different substrates. 

Voile can be quilted with.  Very high thread count and very thin.  They carry some that is 100% cotton.  Real is so light it is almost like a cheese cloth.  Lawn (SP?) is also what they are seeing, but calling it Voile

Suggested a solid white flannel as an interface.

Double Gauze.  Becomes very soft after you wash.  It washes the same.  It quilts nicely.  It doesn’t show sweat stains b/c it is so lightweight.

Chambry (SP?)- seeing a lot of it. 

Peppered Cotton- thicker and a tougher weave.  “Brilliant’ to quilt with.

Linen rayon would be amazing for quilting.  But maybe not as nice as the linen cotton.  Personal preference when choosing whether or not to change your needle.

Design trends: Metallic, Lizzy house pearl bracelets, subtle metallic

Animals in general, horses, whales, nautical,

Tribal (including Mexican, southwestern, African, santa fe)

Linen will be staying around- they are seeing a lot of trends with linen.

Their store is plans to remain both quilting and clothing.

Quilting cotton is still great for apparel, but think about how you are using.  Art Gallery makes an amazing line.

Most excited about in their shop that is up and coming: A new company- Cotton and steel; Spring Market; Classes

April’s Patterns- staple dress and date night pattern, top/dress.  April just started the adventure last March.  Her goal was to produce very simply patterns.  Most of her patterns you can make in about a day.


NQA update.  Need 4 total individual members if we are going to join.  If you are a member and willing- give to Jac.  We may put a cap on it by July and say if we don’t have enough members we may chose something else to put the money towards.

National Modern quilt guild.  Next Quilt Con is Fe.b 2015 in Austin. 

OH Craft.  Registration is now open (early).  6 person room is 184, Friday- Sunday.  It is in South Portsmouth this year.

UFO Challenge:  Next Month bring in your UFO, we will document them.   If you bring in more htan one, you have to get them all done, but can be entered more than once.

  1. cant e more than 20% of the way done
  2. If more than 20% of the way done, it has to be over 2 years

Prizes: we have a tub of donations for prizes.  As you destash if you want to bring stuff in, feel free.

Membership cards- after 3rd meeting you can have one, see Ann.

Quilt bee and block raffle.

Abbe is willing to take 2 inch pieces of fabric.

Joanna – Dabble and Stitch winter sale is going on. 

Show and Tell

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