Monday, November 29, 2010

CMQG Mug Rug Swap

CMQG will start it's first swap at the December meeting - and we'll kick it off with a social Holiday party to get to know our partners and each other.


So what is a mug rug, you ask??  It's a small quilt, roughly around 8" x 10" in size, that can be used for a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie.  It is larger than a coaster and smaller than a placemat......and it's all the rage on quilty blogs right now.  They whip up super quick, and honestly, are very addicting to make!

If you would like to participate:
1.  Bring a ziploc baggie full of scraps (scraps must be at least 2" x 2" in size) to the January meeting.

2.  All baggies will be put into a hat.  Everyone will draw one baggie out.  You will make a mug rug for the person who's baggie you draw using their scraps.  The person who draws your baggie will make one for you.

3.  You may add one complementary fabric to the scrap baggie you draw to help round out the fabric needs for backing and binding.

4.  Bring back your finished Mug Rug for your partner at the February meeting!

At the January meeting, we will spend some time getting to know who we are partnered up with (likes, dislikes, etc.) to help you make the mug rug. 


  1. A mug rug is something i have never heard of before, it seems so intresting. I can for sure try this with my friends and this can also be used to give away as a home welcoming gift! Thanks for the share.

  2. This is really a good idea of serving food on a table in drawing room. A rug will look beautiful and it will also save your table for being dirty.