Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guest speaker?

Maria submitted to the First Quilts guest series I have on GXQ.  While browsing around her site, I discovered she is from Ohio.  She does guest lectures and workshops for guilds... and her work looks AMAZING.

Seeing as we do not have dues to pull from to pay her guest lecture fee, we would have to pay to attend her lecture.  So....

Question 1:  Are we interested in bringing her in to speak to the guild?

Question 2:  If yes, are you willing to pay $10 per ticket to attend?  Her fee for guest lecturing is $300.  We have about 30 regularly attending meeting.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!   Here's her site:


  1. I'd be willing to pay $10, but not much more -- and can we get 30 people to commit?

  2. Would love to have her. But, I agree with Beth's concern about getting 30 people to commit. Also, there may be some incidental expenses that will also need to be covered such as mileage, meals, etc.

  3. Maybe we could open this up to another guild after Modern's membership signs up, just to get enough people and money.