Tuesday, November 13, 2012

See you Thursday!

This week we'll be discussing ideas for a possible quilt show in the spring - what theme would we like to use? 

We'll also have a paper piecing demo by Angela - yay! 

And at our October meeting, we were so busy partying we forgot to play any games. So, we'll play games this Thursday, November 15th. 

Of course, you don't need to play the games to attend the meeting! But it should be a fun time! 

As always, feel free to bring a finished quilt to show and tell (or an unfinished one!) and books, if you like, for the quilty book exchange. 

Here's the info you need to play the games! 

Musical Fabric Stash
Each person in the circle starts with 1 yard of fabric.  The music begins and you’ll pass the fabric around in a circle.  Once the music stops, you’ll cut the fabric in your hands in half.  You keep half and then the next round starts.  We’ll continue to pass and slash the fabrics until we end up with scrap-sized pieces left.  The fabric you keep each round becomes yours to take home, so you’ll leave with a yard of various prints.
What to bring:
-          As many 1 yard cuts of fabric as you’d like (we can do multiple smaller rounds or a few really large rounds).  Fabric should be quilting-weight cotton with a modern design. (We are the modern quilt guild after all!)
-          Scissors
Strip Poker
Building on the fun from our 1stAnniversary party, strip poker is back again!  We’ll play rounds of “poker” (highest single card wins).  Each round you’ll bet a 2 ½ “ fabric strip.  Winner takes all!
What to bring:
-          As many 2 ½ “ x WOF strips as you’d like.  Jelly rolls work great for this, but you can also cut your own.

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