Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Block Raffle

Hi everyone, Ann here. As discussed at the last meeting, in February we will be having another block raffle. For those of you who didn't participate last time, this is how it works: anyone who wishes to participate should make at least one block following the prescribed pattern/theme for the raffle. Everyone brings their blocks to the meeting and for each block you bring (max of 2 entries) you get an entry into the raffle.  We'll draw names and the winner gets all the blocks. If we have enough blocks we'll spit the blocks and draw 2 names.

This month's raffle blocks will be monochromatic "converging corner" blocks. These are a variation on log cabin blocks and go together to make a really fun overall pattern. This Tutorial by Ashley of Film in the Fridge gives great instructions for making these fun easy blocks.   Please make the colored portions of your block monochromatic. They can be any color (you can use prints, solids, or a combo) but within the block they should read the same color. Please also make the negative space a light colored neutral (white, cream, light gray, etc.). I can't wait to see everyone's creations.


  1. Should each block only contain one color? Or each corner can be different colors?

  2. Each corner can be a different color I suppose. Just as long as within that corner, it's monochromatic. Good question! If both corners are the same color, that's fine too though.