Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hive #2- March Block

(Hive 2 only! If you're in hive 1, please follow Nicole's instructions)

March has me longing for those first hints of spring.  Tiny shoots peeking through the frozen ground, the first hints of color appearing in a world that has been gray for many months.  My hope is that this quilt can emulate those first wisps of spring.
Block Design: Please follow the tutorial for “That Block” (a version of the spider web block) by Mary Dugan of Molly Flanders…Maker… You can find the tutorial here:  
You will see that you can either vary the width of your strips or cut them all to 1.5 inches.  Either way is great.
Fabric selection:  I will provide each person with a 6" X WOF strip to serve as the background/foundation fabric (Milk, Sugar and Flower Milk Drops in Yellow) for the block.  If you have not yet received fabric please contact me to make arrangements.  If you have any leftover fabric, it's yours to keep. For the strips, please use prints.  If you want to include a solid please have it be linen, in white or natural.  
Color palette: The colors used in this block should be reminiscent of early spring.  Soft shades of pink, light blue, cream/linen/burlap, metallic gold, coral, and green.   Please do not include shades of purple or any black or gray.  The block looks best when it is very scrappy, so please feel free to get as scrappy as you wish with your strips within those color parameters.  
Some descriptor words or inspiration for the aesthetic I am going for are: polka dots, ginghams, vintage inspired, soft small-scale floral, ticking stripes, animals/bees, fruit.   Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company ( is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration.
Please avoid prints that are extremely graphic, geometric , or “mod”.

Thank you everyone!  

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