Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hive 2 July Bee Block

(Hive 2 only! If you're in hive 1, please follow Cynthia's instructions)

I'm going with a rainbow colored paper pieced Lone Star to celebrate the historic Supreme Court decision!  The pattern is a free download from Craftsy, and it can be found here.
As far as fabric selection goes, please pick one of these and post your choice on the Facebook page.  Kona solids are listed in parenthesis for reference, but please use prints for pieces 1, 4 & 5.  For the thin stripe (pieces 2 & 3) please use a solid to match, or as close to it as you have.

Red (Chinese Red, Rich Red)- Danielle
Red/Orange (Lipstick)- Cynthia
Orange (Orange, Kumquat)- Nicole
Yellow/Orange (Papaya, School Bus)
Yellow (Corn, Yellow Citrus)- Lauren
Green/Yellow (Chartreuse, Parrot)- Joanna Malachowsky
Green (Grasshopper, Fern)- Joanna Martinez
Teal (Breakers, Ultramarine)- Abby
Blue (Royal, Riviera)- Heather
Indigo (Indigo, Navy, Storm)- Andrea
Purple (Mulberry, Dk. Violet, Berry)
Pink (Pomegranate, Honeysuckle)- Helen
Full rainbow- Aimee

You can go super scrappy or just pick one or two prints for the star - whatever you are in the mood for at the moment.  For the background (pieces 6 & 7), please use one or more low volume prints.  I love text fabric!! 

Don't worry about removing your papers or squaring up your blocks once they are assembled.  

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