Thursday, May 26, 2016

June 12 Month Bee and September 6 Month Bee

Jennie H

Which Hive? 
12 Month

Block Design Name 
9 Patch & Economy Blocks

Link to block tutorial

Color selection 
For overall colors, please avoid fabrics that read brown, black, white
For the 9 patch, please go scrappy. So the random 2.5" charms would be great here.
For the Economy block,
For the inner square a 3.5" fussy cut center
For the middle and outer square, two different contrasting solid fabric.

Please name some designers or line of fabrics you like that will help us pick the right fabric for your block 
Raid your scrap bin.  I would like modern fabrics.

Will you be providing fabric? 

Please see the tutorial.

Links to example of the quilt block or fabric you would like us to use

This is a link to my Instagram @lilmunchkinbutt

A photo posted by Jennie (@lilmunchkinbutt) on

This is similar to the look I'm going for with the exception of a fussy cut center for the economy blocks.

bee blocks + extra blocks - aiming for a 4x5 layout ..

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