Thursday, April 27, 2017

May Bee Block

Name : Darci

Which Hive? 12 month December

Block Design: #holidaypatchworkforest

Name Link to block tutorial
Color selection
Fabric will be provided

Will you be providing fabric?
Using the tutorial and the fabric I have provided, you will make 2 blocks in reverse colors.  Cut a 2 inch strip from the bottom of the 2 main fabrics.  This will go on either side of the trunk.  The trees will all be wonky (some tall and skinny, some short and fat, others leaning to one side or the other).  You can trim up the blocks a bit, but I'll cut them to size once they all come back and I can see what sizes they turned out to be.
Directions Links to example of the quilt block or fabric you would like us to use.

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