Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2023 CMQ Sew Together

Instead of a mystery quilt this year we are going to be doing a sew together quilt. We will all be working on a string quilt. Each month you will be bring one or more blocks in to show the club at the monthly meeting. There is no rules for what method you follow just that you complete one block each month. I am going to post examples/links of some quilts to help you pick the theme/pattern you will be going with. Some Themes are scrappy, rainbow, same color family, and selvages. Another way to help your design is to look up #stringquilts on Instagram. Cant wait to see everyone's first block at the January meeting!

#1 Emily @ Quilt Love - Link to a quick guide to a string quilt. She also has stories on Instagram on making her string quilt. link to Instagram Stories (Thank you Courtney for sharing this)

#2 Link to pattern Jelly Rainbow Pattern

(Thank you Tami for sharing this)

#3 This picture is from Ellen (Thank you sharing) another Quilt Club added scrappy blocks together but added black fabric to the center of them to make them all come together.

Please use #CMQ2023SEWTOGETHER when posting on social medial

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