2015 Bee


Who’s in?

Here’s the list of each bee member along with the month they have been assigned as the “Queen Bee”:

Hive #1

January- Joanna Martinez
February- Rose Weckesser
March- Nicole Lorenz
April- Ann Murdock
May- Andrea Arledge
June- Barb Ballard
July- Cynthia Karkut
August- Jennie Hayes
September- Leigh Morgan
October- Abby Ewing
November- Katy Fineman-Jones
December- Joanna Malachowsky 

Hive #2

January- Nicole Lorenz
February- Joanna Malachowsky
March- Helen Vivian
April- Aimee Marshall
May- Cynthia Karkut
June- Andrea Arledge
July- Elizabeth Robbins
August- Danielle Daniels
September- Lauren Wright
October- Heather Post
November- Abby Ewing
December- Joanna Martinez

As you can see this year we have two "hives". If you signed up to be in both hives, you'll be making one block for each hive each month (for example, I will make one block for Rose and one for Joanna in February). If you're in only one hive, then you'll make a block for the person assigned to your hive.

What’s required?

Each month, we will have a different “Queen Bee” and everyone else will be the “worker bees.” Responsiblities for each role are listed below:

Queen Bee:

Before the 5th of your month, post block directions on the CMQ blog (I can help you with the posting, you just have to do the writing) for the block that you would like everyone to make.
If you are requesting specific fabrics to be used (e.g. only Kona Snow as the background, or only fabrics from a specific designer) you must supply the materials to the bee members. Materials should be distributed at the meeting prior to your month as queen bee. So, for example, if your month is March and you want everyone to make blocks using Kona Snow as the background fabric, you should bring your fabric to the February meeting. Make sense?
If you have your own blog and want to write and host your post there and provide me with a link, that’s cool too. We’re all friends here!

Worker Bees:

Each month you will make 1 block for the queen bee based on the specified instructions. You will have 1 or 2 queen bees depending on how you signed up.
Bring the block(s) to the guild meeting that month. For example, if you are making blocks for the February queen bee, those blocks should come with you to the February meeting.
Unless fabric is provided by the queen bee, you’ll be using fabric from your stash to make the blocks. (See fabric requirements below)

If you are unable to attend a meeting, please let me and your queen bee know (please use the emails provided) and we can make some alternate arrangements!

Extenuating circumstances do happen…we totally understand. People move across the country, have a baby or two, get a promotion at work that suddenly has you working around the clock, etc. If you cannot meet the deadline please let the queen bee know and I’m sure you can work something out.

Fabric Requirements:

Queen bees- please be as specific as possible with your fabric likes and dislikes. We want to make sure that we make a block that you'll love! You can use past bee block instructions on the 2014 Bee page as guidelines.

Fabrics should be “Quilt Shop” quality, modern fabrics. What does that mean? For the most part, fabrics from our favorite big box bargain store shouldn't be included. You know the ones… itchy, kinda transparent, etc. Please don’t include batiks, reproduction prints, etc. unless the queen bee specifically requests it.

Ok, that was really a lot of words to say just a little. Most importantly, have fun with the process! Hopefully we can challenge each other to learn new skills, play with new color schemes, and just get to know each other a little better over the course of the year.

For those of you that are big fans of social media, Nicole created a group on Flickr where you can post your photos for the bee (this is a great place to ask questions, check on a color palette, etc.):


New to Flickr? Check out this how-to video for more information: http://youtu.be/SyXmR2PA6cM

And if you’re so inclined to play along on Instagram, Nicole started a hashtag: #CbusMQBee

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