Monday, April 1, 2013

March Meeting Notes

Thanks to Barb for taking notes! 
Columbus Modern Quilt Guild – March 21
Modern Quilt Guild Update Meeting
Reminder: James Sewing Sisters BIG Sew In Day is this Saturday, April 6th! 
Lots of Announcements this month!
·         International Quilt Show is in Cincinnati April 10-13. Admission is $10. It’s an awesome show – so try to go if you can. And as Abbe said, wear comfortable shoes!
·         Speaking of Abbe, she has a friend who is selling a Pfaff Embroidery Machine with a free arm table. See Abbe if you’d like more info.
·         Sue Sandritter gave us a great demo of the Hex & More Ruler. It’s pretty darned amazing. Five different shapes can be made with the one single tool.
·         Modern Quilt Guild had a big pow-wow for all of the chair people. Stacy filled us in. Here are a few of the main points…
o   National would like to formalize the membership; either for local guilds or individual members.
o   Dues would be $15/person/year if our guild decided to be an official MQG chapter. However, if we didn’t want to, individuals could still be members for $25/year.
o   We’d need a bank account and by-laws. (Polly recommended they should read as follows: 1. There are no rules 2. See #1.)
o   The MQG web site will have a customer relationship part of the site ready in July.o   MQG has applied for 501C3 status (that’s IRS speak for ‘non-profit’).
o   Some of the advantages of our guild joining would be an easy way to communicate with other MQGs, development of a social media hub, first dibs on MQG-sponsored events, and here’s the main reason we should participate…there will be membership cards
We have until December 2014 to decide if we want to be an official MQG chapter.
·         Kathy F. and Barb talked about QuiltCon and the trends they saw at the show in February.
Next Month – Reveal for the Madrona Road challenge so don’t forget to bring those fabulous projects!

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