Monday, October 14, 2013

Annual Party this Thursday!

Hope lots of folks can make it for our annual party this Thursday, October 17th at 7 pm at Quilt Trends.  We'll have fabric games (you'll need to bring fabric to participate), and lovely door prizes! Plus delicious food!

So what do you need to bring? Just yourself is plenty! Come on out and join the fun!

But optional extras could include:

1. One (or two) Trip Around the World Blocks for our block raffle (more info here)

2.Fabric for our optional fabric games -

Musical Chairs – Bring 1 yard of nice fabric – text fabric if you can (you know, that cute fabric that’s out with letters, alphabet, etc.) Everyone passes the fabric around until; you guessed it, the music stops. Cut the fabric in half. Keep half and pass half. When the music stops; do it again. The fun continues until the strip is 1/8 yard. Bring scissors if you can because a lot of us ripped fabric last time and it didn’t always work very well.
Quilter’s Strip Poker – bring strips from a jelly roll or cut your own. Cards are dealt and whoever has the highest card wins the whole kit & caboodle.
3. Some food for our buffet table - It's a party after all!

4. Any works in progress or completed quilts you might have to show and tell

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