Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flyer for our Sew In

Below is the flyer for our sew-in - we're mostly full, but we might be able to squeeze in a few more - especially if you have hand-sewing to do, as our sewing machine table space is full. Please RSVP, so we can make there are enough chairs! See the second image for responsibilities you may have forgotten you signed up for (not that I'm speaking from personal experience) 

See you soooon! 

 Sewing Machine, (with plug) extension cord, and power strip (label all your stuff)
 Sewing supplies and projects
 Demo materials if you are providing a demo
 Sweater for comfort—perhaps a pillow for chair
 Items for the “sale table” (with your name and price)
 Cash or check to purchase from the “Sale table”
 A snack to share—maybe your favorite holiday cookie?
 Lunch will be served


  1. I am looking forward to the Sew In! I have paid, it looks like I am not on the list. I'll be glad to help with the clean up or anywhere help is needed!

  2. I like your flyers. I'm also using great flyer templates from this is a great source to make your own flyer.