Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hive #1 January Bee Block

Hi everyone, here is the information for the January bee block:

(Hive 1 only! If you're in hive 2, please follow Nicole's instructions. If you're finishing up the 2014 bee, please follow Aimee's instructions.)

  • Block Design: Please follow this tutorial from Quilt Dad
  • Fabric selection: I would prefer prints that read as one color. Try to stay away from multiple color prints, but other than that anything goes.
  • Color palette: Bold, bright colors of the rainbow. No pastels, and no fabrics that read as white, black, brown or gray please.
  • Scrappiness: Please make each corner of the block a different color! This block is meant to be super scrappy, so feel free to use as many different strips as you want :)

Thanks, and can’t wait to see all the blocks!

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