Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last block for the 2014 Bee

It's Aimee's turn to be queen! Here is her request:

(2014 bee only! If you're in the 2015 bee Hive 1, please look at the link for Joanna's block. If you're in Hive 2, please follow Nicole's instructions.)

  • Block Design: Please follow this tutorial. I love snow, so I was looking for something similar to a snowflake. The size of the block will be 12.5" (unfinished).
  • Fabric selection: Please use shades of blue for the snowflake (prints only please). The blues can range anywhere from sky blue to navy blue.
  • Background: Can be any low volume print with a white background.
  • Scrappiness: The scrappier the better!

Please let Aimee, Joanna or Andrea know on the Facebook group, on Instagram, or on Flickr if you have any questions!

PS If you need a refresher on paper piecing, Cristin had provided this link and this one for her July block, they're both excellent tutorials!

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