Thursday, November 19, 2015

December Hive 2

Both hives have a Joanna as queen this month, so make sure to look here to see which hive is yours! Here is the link to the Hive 1 instructions.

For Hive 2, please use this tutorial to complete four 6.5" pieces. You can start with 6.5" or 7" squares as per the tutorial, whatever is easiest for you, but please make sure not to trim them, sew them together, or remove the paper.

In the tutorial where she says she used a strip of white to start the blocks, please use a bright color (think red, yellow, royal blue, lime green, etc... anything goes, as long as it's bright. And it can be either a print or a solid but should read as one color). Please use the same color/print for all four squares.

Every other string in the block should be a black or white fabric. Prints should only have white, gray or black, no colors. Solids are also allowed. Please no cream or beige for the white parts, they should read true white or at most off white.

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