Thursday, November 19, 2015

November meeting minutes

This meeting was held at Quilt Beginnings on Sawmill.  

Greeting:  Who is your quilty inspiration?

  1. December meeting (12/17) will be our Christmas Party.  It will be held at Quilt Beginnings.  Watch the Facebook page/blog for sign ups to bring food and for details about the games we’ll be playing.  To participate in the gift exchange please bring a quilting related gift ($10-15) wrapped up with a “From” tag on it.  The exchange will happen white elephant style.
  2. Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild-  There is another group starting that will be affiliated with the national Modern Quilt Guild.  Hopefully the meetings won’t regularly be on the same nights so that if people would like to be part of both groups they can be. (Any other questions about this or other things related to the national MQG, please find one of the leaders and talk with them about it.)
  3. Upcoming Changes in 2016:
    1. New logo, designed by Abby Ewing, will be rolled out at the December meeting
    2. Columbus Modern Quilters Swag, coming soon!
    3. Dues:  We are going to be instituting $10/year dues starting in January.  When you pay your dues you will get a membership card. New people who start coming will be able to come to three meetings before they would be expected to pay dues.  We are working on getting some discounts at area stores associated with that card.  Other things we will use dues for: hosting our website, paying for membership card and any other printing we need to do, replenishing the prize box with some awesome things, giving thank you gifts to guest speakers, etc. Once we start collecting dues there will be a monthly report (money in, money out).
  4. Introduction of New Leaders:
    1. Allison Evans (in absentia)- Guild Leader
    2. Joanna Malachowsky- Secretary
    3. Jennie Hayes- Treasurer/Webmaster
    4. Abby Ewing (in absentia)- Education Coordinator (demos/guest speakers)
    5. Lauren Wright (in absentia)- New Member Point Person
    6. Leigh Morgan- Bee Coordinator and Social Media Tzar
    7. Joanna Martinez- Swap and Challenge Coordinator
    8. Stacey Vannatta- Fabric Exchange Coordinator
  5. Bee Blocks:
    1. Hive 1: Katy Fineman Jones (Victory Garden)
    1. Hive 2: Abby Ewing (Autumn Arrowhead)
  1. 2016 Bee Sign Ups
    1. Leigh has made up awesome rules… Make sure to check them out here and then sign up for the bee you want to be in! Sign ups here.
  2. Demo: Insta-Swaps (Joanna Martinez)
    1. Joanna made an awesome document explaining all kinds of info about swaps on Instagram!  Check it out here. Thanks Joanna!
  3. Show and Tell
    1. New Norms for Show and Tell:
      1. Members sharing should show one- two items per meeting
      2. Sharing about an item should last no longer than three minutes to ensure everyone gets to share
      3. Guild members should offer positive feedback and encouragement
      4. Only offer criticisms or critiques if invited to do so by the maker
      5. Ask permission before taking photos of other people’s work
      6. Keep side conversations to a minimum while others are sharing
    2. Here are a few photos from Show and Tell… Sorry I didn’t get more of your beautiful work!

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