Friday, July 29, 2016

Inspiration Mini Quilt Challenge

Please see the general challenge rules HERE

Rules specific to the inspiration challenge:
  1. You will make a mini quilt or pillow cover that is between 12 and 36 inches. It can be square, rectangular, hexagon, be creative!
  2. Your mini quilt will follow either the color scheme or the overall theme from an inspiration photo that you choose (or both if you like). Be creative with your photo choice! (See an example and some suggestions of where to look below)
  3. Your interpretation of the theme does not have to be literal. You can make it as literal or abstract as you like, as long as the inspiration is clear.
  4. The mini quilt/pillow cover should be made entirely by you. Make something you'll enjoy because it's yours to keep! You can choose any pattern you would like. Try something new and challenge yourself in two ways!
  5. Please bring a copy of your inspiration photo to the challenge reveal.
  6. There will be 3 prizes awarded for this challenge. We will vote for the first two categories, and anyone who finishes the challenge will be eligible to win the 3rd:
    1. Most creative
    2. Best representation of inspiration photo
    3. Random winner
  7. Most important rule- HAVE FUN creating and learning something!
  8. Please have the mini quilt or pillow cover finished by our September 22nd meeting!
For the inspiration photo, be creative- use a photo that you took that you really loved, or find one online that inspires you. Pinterest and Instagram are always good sources of inspiration. Also, Design Seeds is a good place to find beautiful photos with fun color schemes. But, if you choose to use a photo that's not yours, please give credit to the owner in any social media/blog posts!

Here is an example, using one of my own photos from a vacation a few years back:

You will notice that I have Kona cotton colors next to the photo. I uploaded the original to Palette Builder, which will give you either the Kona or the Moda colors that correspond to colors in your photo. Playing with the Palette Builder is a great way to find the color scheme that most inspires you. Using this color combination, I could create a mini in any pattern I chose.
Or, from this photo I could also choose to make something that's pool/beach themed. Or something tiki hut themed. Or even swimsuit themed? The possibilities are endless, so go find something that inspires you and be creative.

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