2016 Bee


Who’s in?

Here’s the list of each bee member along with the month they have been assigned as the “Queen Bee”:

CMQ 12 Month Bee

JanLeigh M
FebRachel C
MarchRose W
AprilDarci M
MayChristine G
June (Due in July)Jennie H
JulyKatie P
AugustChristina L
SeptemberKaty J
OctoberHeather P
NovembrDeAnne M
DecemberCynthia C

CMQ 6 Month Bee 2nd Round

JulyHeather B
AugustKaty J
SeptemberJennie H
OctoberChris G
NovemberCassandra B
DecemberDonna E

CMQ 6 Month Bee 1st Round

JanJennie H
FebCassandra B
MarchRose W
AprilDonna E
MayChristine G
June (Due In July)Ellen C

Leigh M will be coordinating the CMQG Hives.  Please contact Leigh if you have any questions.

What’s required?

Each month, we will have a different “Queen Bee” and everyone else will be the “worker bees.” Responsibilities for each role are listed below:

Queen Bee:

  • The meeting prior to the your month as queen bee, please fill out the google form found in your email, HERE and also on the Facebook page. This information will be shared to through via social media and the CMQ blog. (Example: If Leigh was Queen for September she would need to fill out the form the day before the August meeting.)

  • If you are requesting specific fabrics to be used (e.g. only Kona Snow as the background, or only fabrics from a specific designer) you must supply the materials to the bee members. Materials should be distributed at the meeting prior to your month as queen bee. So, for example, if your month is March and you want everyone to make blocks using Kona Snow as the background fabric, you should bring your fabric to the February meeting.

  • If you have your own blog and want to write and host your post there, please provide the link. Please make sure you answer all the question that is on the Bee block form on your blog.

  • The quilt block can not be any larger than 16 inches finished (16.5 inches unfinished)

  • Respect other people’s copyright. Make you use a free, easily accessible pattern. There are many blogs with free patterns. Do not use a block out of a book unless you are sure that everyone in your Bee has that book. It is frowned upon to copy a pattern out of a book and distribute it without the author/originators approval.

  • Queens must be present at the meeting for the month you are Queen. Your “workers” spent time and fabric making you blocks, being there to receive them is a must!

Worker Bees:

  • Each month you will make 1 block for the queen bee based on the specified instructions. You will have 1 or 2 queen bees depending on how many bees you signed up.
  • Bring the block(s) to the guild meeting that month. For example, if you are making blocks for the February queen bee, those blocks should come with you to the February meeting. If you will not be able to make the meeting block needs to be mailed to the queen or Leigh Morgan prior to the missed meeting.
  • Unless fabric is provided by the queen bee, you’ll be using fabric from your stash to make the blocks. (See fabric requirements below)
  • Extenuating circumstances do happen…we totally understand. People move across the country, have a baby or two, get a promotion at work that suddenly has you working around the clock, etc. If you cannot meet the deadline please let Leigh Morgan know and we will work something out.

Fabric Requirements:

Queen Bees, when filling out the form please be as specific as possible with your fabric likes and dislikes. We want to make sure that we make a block that you'll love!

Fabrics should be “Quilt Shop” quality, modern fabrics. What does that mean? For the most part, fabrics from our favorite big box bargain store shouldn't be included. You know the ones… itchy, kinda transparent, etc. Please don’t include batiks, reproduction prints, etc. unless the queen bee specifically requests it.

Most importantly, have fun with the process! Hopefully we can challenge each other to learn new skills, play with new color schemes, and just get to know each other a little better over the course of the year.

Social Media:

Social media is a great way to show off your work and to get feedback from other CMQ members. A lot of our members are active on Instagram. If you post your blocks make sure to tag with #cbusmqbee.  Also feel free to post in the Facebook group. 

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